Replica Watches Straps For Summer

Summer is here, and many replica watch buyers have started to consult about summer straps about straps. The most common question is "Can I wear leather straps in summer?". Before answering this question, we must first figure out the advantages and disadvantages of different types of straps.

Many people should have heard the saying: "Summer steel belt, winter belt", I generally agree with this view. Summer is different from other seasons. The weather is hot (especially it is getting hotter in recent years), and people are prone to sweating. And we know that the most taboo of leather straps is the corrosion of sweat and other liquids. It is easy to mold and smell and become hard and brittle in a humid environment for a long time. In addition, even if you pay attention to the maintenance of the leather strap, it often needs to be replaced every one to two years. Off topic, if your car needs to buy quality parts, go to our other website jaguar auto parts specialists

The metal strap is different from the leather strap, so it is suitable for wearing in summer. First of all, the metal strap is cool, and it is very comfortable and cool to wear in the hot summer. Secondly, metal straps have a certain corrosion resistance compared to leather straps, and they are not as delicate as leather straps. But this is not to say that metal straps will not be corroded by sweat. I believe that some watch friends have encountered the problem of wearing a metal strap and the wrist blackened. The "blackening" phenomenon is the result of a little oxidation when the watch encounters sweat. The friction between the wrist and the strap directly rubs the oxide on the strap onto the wrist, so the wrist will be black. In addition, coupled with the dust in the air, it is easier to "smear and dirt" in the strap when sweating. In this case, you can get a thorough cleaning after sale or you can clean the strap yourself at home, but be careful not to let the watch get water. If you need the best replica watches online store in the world, come here

When it comes to cleaning, you have to say that metal straps are better than leather straps. Metal straps can see water, while leather straps cannot touch water. Therefore, we can simply clean and maintain the metal strap, while the leather strap can only be maintained by professionals. In summer, in addition to sweating and rain, we may be more exposed to water, such as swimming, diving, etc. At this time, the leather strap will definitely not work, because it is not waterproof.

Of course, there is no absolute thing, let alone replica watches in the summer if you choose a strap. Although I personally recommend wearing a metal strap in the summer, it does not mean that you cannot wear a leather strap. This is purely a matter of personal choice. In fact, every summer I see many men or women wearing leather strap watches. However, if you are a sweaty physique, it is recommended not to wear leather straps in summer. However, this problem has now been solved, and many brands have begun to introduce some "leather straps" with a leather surface and rubber lining. They not only have the appearance of traditional leather straps, but also solve the mildew of traditional leather straps. Stinky problem.>

In fact, in addition to leather straps and metal straps, NATO straps are very suitable for your replica watches in summer regardless of style or performance. The NATO strap mainly refers to the nylon textured strap, which was once used in military watches or fashion watches, and now many big brands have begun to apply it. The NATO strap is strong and elastic, making it ideal for summer wear. Because it can absorb sweat, easy to clean, wear-resistant, and the older it is used, the more unique its style. It is more and more popular because it is convenient for the wearer to adjust itself like a belt, and its production cost is not high, So it will be chosen by many replica watch manufacturers. Of course, many genuine products such as rolex and omega also have many models that use NATO straps.

The rubber strap is also very suitable for summer wear. If the biggest disadvantage of leather straps is that they are not waterproof, then rubber straps are just the opposite. And the rubber strap is cheap and comfortable to wear. The most important thing is that both low-end and top brands can use the rubber strap. Rubber straps used to have a sense of "cheap", but now it has been called a trend. This year, even Lange launched a sports watch with a rubber strap. Of course, the big-name rubber strap is more advanced. Another characteristic of the rubber strap is its "plasticity". This is because it is a room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV). Adding different additives can change its color, hardness, strength, texture and weight In order to create different and equally bright rubber straps. Dynamic style, rich colors, this is the most perfect match in the summer of "Lu Sao" season. In addition, the rubber strap also has strong water and corrosion resistance, and there will be no bacterial growth, which is really suitable for summer. So it's perfectly fine to match your replica watches with rubber straps, no one will doubt them!